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Patient Testimonials

Room in Bloom: Resident’s Green Thumb Brings New Life to Margaret Tietz

Juana Martinez recalls the flowers and soil of the gardens she lovingly tended in her native Dominican Republic, and it inspires her. In her bright and sunny room at Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, she is surrounded by plants of every description.

“I grow them all from cuttings. And when...

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Newly Discovered Passion Paints a Picture of Accomplishment for Resident

When Rose Stevenson became a resident at Margaret Tietz, she began forming close friendships with other residents.

“There’s a very warm environment here,” Rose explains simply.

And plenty to do.

Indeed, her untapped passion for painting was revealed when she began sampling the variety of recreational options...

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Rehab Patient Benefits from Center's Caring Efforts

Harriet Bluming first came to Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2008 to recover from a fractured ankle. Now, at “90 years plus,” Harriet is back to rehab her injured hip.

"I came back this time because the therapists were so caring and encouraging last time,” explains Harriet. “I was so surprised, they all...

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Family and Friends Brighten Resident's Day

When Violet Hayles was 88 years old, the daughter with whom she was living tragically passed away. In need of constant care, Violet moved to Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, where her daughter Jennifer works as a CNA. “I’m so fortunate that my daughter, Jennifer, can have lunch with me each day. And when the weather is...

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96-Year-Old Blind Rehab Patient Attributes His Steps to Excellent Staff

For Sam Lieberman, the proof of the rehab is in the results.

“When I came to rehab a few weeks ago, I couldn’t walk,” he says matter-of-factly. “Now I can.”

Recovering from a fall, Sam embraced the physical therapy sessions in earnest and, though blind, is now able to walk with a walker.

While the staff is...

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