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The New York Times Recognizes CenterLight Nurse as the Winner for Excellence in Service

Judith Pohl, a veteran health care professional at CenterLight Health System, was selected as the winner of The New York Times’ 2012 Tribute to Nurses Award for excellence in “Service to Community.” Judy, who is Nurse Care Coordinator at CenterLight’s Margaret Tietz Adult Day Health Care Program, was chosen from a group of America’s most dedicated medical professionals from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Her extraordinary commitment to enriching the lives of patients includes her willingness to bring medications to their homes, escort them to doctor appointments, conduct health education and advocate on their behalf with community physicians. Judy also excels in communicating with and understanding the needs of the center’s culturally diverse population and she knows all 200 registrants by name.

“We are extremely proud that Judy has been bestowed this honor,” says Paul Rosenfeld, Chief Operating Officer of Long Term Care at CenterLight. “She truly exemplifies our organization and staff’s dedication to its members and communities.”

During Superstorm Sandy, Judy and many other CenterLight professionals remained actively involved in ensuring the health and well-being of their patients. On countless occasions, CenterLight’s staff ventured into damaged neighborhoods that were without power and heat in order to deliver supplies and care to patients. In other cases, CenterLight nurses and others rescued patients from flooded areas and found shelter for them in CenterLight nursing homes.

“In the midst of the horrific conditions and her own personal power outage, Judy braved the storm and travelled from her home in Brooklyn to Queens. She was the first to arrive eager to care for the most vulnerable of our society – the elderly,” says Director Michelle Oxley, Judith’s supervisor.

To watch CenterLight’s “Heroes of Superstorm Sandy” video, click here: http://www.centerlight.org/about-us/category/Emergency-Information-for-Patients-and-the-Community

About CenterLight Health System

CenterLight Health System is a national leader in providing and coordinating residential, home and community-based long term care for chronically ill and disabled adults throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our continuing care services include residential health care, subacute medical care, rehabilitation, home care, HIV/AIDS home care, comprehensive care management, adult day health care and independent housing facilities for the elderly and disabled. For more information visit us at http://www.centerlight.org.

About The New York Times’ Tribute to Nurses

The New York Times holds its “Tribute to Nurses” annual awards to recognize “America’s most dedicated and indispensable professionals” for their extraordinary achievements. Nurses are nominated by their colleagues in one of the following five categories: Leadership, Education, Research, Innovation, and Service to Community. All nurses who were nominated for awards during the 2012 National Nurses Week recognition programs were also eligible for this award.  For more information, visit http://nytjobmarketonline.com/tribute_to_nurses/.